Meg Maxwell

Meg Maxwell, Harlequin Special Edition author, aka Melissa Senate

Coming April 18th: CHARM SCHOOL FOR COWBOYS, about a pregnant-and-alone ranch cook who transforms the lives of her irresistible boss and his four unruly cowboys . . . Also available in the Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen series: THE COOK'S SECRET INGREDIENT (my latest novel, about a private investigator and single dad searching for a mystery person who may unite his and food-truck-cook Emma Hurley's families); THE COWBOY'S BIG FAMILY TREE (Clementine and Logan's romance), THE DETECTIVE'S 8 LB, 10 OZ SURPRISE (Georgia and Nick), and A COWBOY IN THE KITCHEN (Annabel and West). The series centers around a family-owned restaurant and involves some very sexy men, family, marriage, babies, singlehood, sisterhood, all kinds of po'boys and barbecue, cute beagles, funny cats, and is basically about how love sneaks in and changes everything.

What's coming after CHARM SCHOOL FOR COWBOYS? In August: MOMMY AND THE MAVERICK, my contribution to the new Montana Mavericks series, The Great Family Roundup. In November, the Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen series concludes with a Christmas-themed novel about an Amish woman who falls for an FBI agent (twin brother of the hero from CHARM SCHOOL FOR COWBOYS) while on her long-put-off rumspringa . . .

I'm so happy that come 2018, I'll be launching a new miniseries (under my real name: Melissa Senate) in the Special Edition line, starting with THE BABY SWITCH, about a single mom and a wealthy CEO who discover their babies were switched at birth six months ago in a Wyoming clinic.

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